10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for website. Monetize website in 2020.

When you start your new website and completed all settings including On page SEO and Off Page SEO and also published high quality contents on your website. As soon as your website is getting high organic traffic and all your articles are ranked on google. The next target in your mind is to monetize your website to earn some money from ad network or affiliate marketing.


As all of us knows when it comes to make money from website using ad network, Google AdSense is considered to be one of the best ad network program to monetize a website or blog. But sometime we are trying to increase revenue and thus looking for the Google Adsense alternative.
Today we will discuss about best Google Adsense alternative available to monetize website or blog in 2020.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a online advertising program operated by Google to run ads on websites as per the advertisers demand and user interaction. These ads are shown on every user who uses internet services for viewing websites or watching videos on youtube where these ads are shown by google. 

The google adsense ads shown on any website are totally depend upon the user behavior and search history of the browser.  It was launched in 2003, and is considered as one of the most popular online advertisement networks for bloggers and youtubers who are looking to monetize their websites or youtube channels through these ad networks.
It is not difficult to create an AdSense account and get approval by newbie blogger but real problem arises when Google bans your AdSense account due to some violation of their program policy.

If you are having Adsense account and still you are looking for alternatives then it may be because you would like to keep your website income diversified among the different ad network and wants to get more revenue.

Google starts monitors very frequently those websites which are earning more money from their ad network and if website owner makes one mistake and their adsense will be at risk of being banned because adsense is very much strict about their program policy. Google also prefers  those websites which are hosted on good Hosting for best result and performance of website.

As getting Google AdSense approval for website is a dream of every bloggers. But if you fail to get approval or get rejected for some program policy violation, don’t lose hope, because in this article we will make you aware of many Google AdSense alternatives for you to use them on your website and earn money online from your website or blog.

So lets know all about google adsense alternative to monetize your website:

1. PropellerAds. Best adsense alternative.



PropellerAds is considered to be one of the top performing ad network and is considered to be one of the best adsense alternative for those who are looking for ad network for their website. Their network is good because they are keeping their ad network updating as per publishers benefit, recently they added web push notifications ad type which is beneficial both for publishers and advertisers.

There are various ad types which are offered by propellerAds which you can choose and apply on your website as per your blog niche. The minimum payout of this ad network is $25 which is considered to be good for new blogger or existing blogger with low or high traffic and wants to get their accumulated revenue from ad network.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Propeller Ads are:

Advantages of Propeller Ads
Many ad formats available in propellar ad newtork helps publisher to choose best fitted for their website.
It has Large publisher community
It has Technology to bypass AdBlock which helps to get more revenue as it works great and provides best result.
It can be used alongside Google AdSense which helps to generate more revenue as this doesn't restrict to one ad network.

Disadvantages of Propeller Ads
It has Lower CPMs
No header bidding
Payment Details Propeller Ads:
It has 30-days payout which helps publishers to get their payouts at time without delay and wait for more days.
Payout options include PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer to help publisher to receive their revenue without any trouble.
Payment thresholds are $50 for PayPal, $100 for Payoneer, and $500 for wire transfer which provide publishers extra option to receive their revenue as per their choice and money transfer option.

2. Media.net. The best ad network.

Media.net is considered to be the best alternative to AdSense in terms of ad types which makes it more lucrative among new publishers who are looking for adsense alternatives for their website to earn money. Media.net is one of the popular contextual ad network offered by the popular search engine Yahoo! and Bing for any website, and it also provides high-paying ads to the publishers as their ads are good. 



The ad types offered by this ad network includes contextual ads as well as display and native ads which are similar to Google AdSense which will fulfill you choice of ad types and earn more revenue as this also allow to use along with adsense. The approval criteria of media.net also demands a quality website and good structured website having  high organic traffic. The customization tools available in media.net helps to change the design and color of ad type as per your choice.

Here are some advantage and Disadvantages of Media.net ad network.

User-friendly dashboard
Flexible ad options
Good customer support
Pays monthly

Doesn’t update ad revenue in real-time
It gives approval to those websites which have web traffic from US, UK, and Canada
Visitors must double-click ads

Payment Details of media.net ad network:
Net 30 payment schedule
Payout options include PayPal and wire Transfer
Payment threshold is $1,000

3. SetupAd

If you are having a monthly traffic of more than 100K on your website then Setup ad network is good choice.


 SetupAd network is a monetization platform for publishers to increase their ad revenue to the maximum extent as there is no limitation about ad type. SetupAd has developed programmatic monetization solutions for the publishers which includes–header bidding wrapper, header bidding SaaS solution, and SSP Adapter.

Setupad vs Google AdSense.

SetupAd network uses header bidding technology to connect publishers with more than 15 buyers, including Google which is good for publishers to get more revenue.

The supporting team of SetupAd helps publishers to decide and choose the right ad placements for each website to generate more revenue.

The minimum threshold of this ad network is €100 and publishers will get payment if this threshold is reached on every month but if this threshold is not reached then the balance earning is added to the next month earning.

SetupAd has analysis tools which shows with real-time data for viewing at any time to analyses the traffic. Real-time reporting shows bids (number of impressions, winning SSPs, average CPMs, etc.) of the website to determine the next strategies.
The SetupAd have deputed account manager to help publisher at any stage and also guides them through the set-up process.

4. Amazon Display Ads

Initially Amazon only runs affiliate program to provide revenue to their registered publishers but recently they added Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM based ads to their ad type which becomes popular among blogger to monetize their website as this provides more revenue to their publishers.


Amazon Display Ads allow you to implement native ads and display ads on your website to earn more revenue from these types of ads.
This platform is best for website with US and EU-based traffic as these regions pays more revenue.

Here are some pros and cons of Amazon ad network:

Pros of amazon ad network:
Native and display ads
Trusted merchant
Customization tools
Good customer support
Self-serve platform

Cons on amazon ad network:
Lower click-through rate
Limited advertising opportunities
Long wait time for payment

Payment Details:
Pays up to 60 days after the calendar month, this is due to the reason that they have product return policy for their customers.

5. Adversal

Adversal ad is another one of the most popular ad network which one should try as adsense alternative. If your website is having monthly traffic more than 50k then you can apply for this ad network to get your website monetize.


Adversal ad network has minimum payout of $20, and if this threshold is reached then you will get paid at the end of the month.
There are different payment modes offered by Adversal ad network which are PayPal, wire transfer, and ACH.

Here are some Pros and Cons of Adversal Ad network:

It offers quick signup process
It has low payout
This network is easy to use

Not as many ad formats
Will not accept low-volume websites

Payment Details:
65-day payout schedule
Adversal ad network Payout options are PayPal, ACH, and wire transfer to help publisher to get their revenue easily and on time with more flexible option.
Payment threshold is only $20

6. Adsterra

Adsterra is one of the ad network with innovative ad formats and is considered as popular adsense alternative with growing number of large brands using this ad platform which helps publishers to earn more money through this ad network. Adsterra is the fastest growing ad network and a well known brand in the online advertising world to help publisher to earn more money from online advertisement.

Adsterra provides best solutions for publishers and advertisers who want to try something different and innovative in the ad network.

This is one the best ad network platform as all ads are protect with fraud detection system. This ensures that you and your website are protected from malware. To enable these advance facility you have to put code on your website and manage campaigns through a user-friendly control panel offered by this ad network.

Some of the facts about Adsterra which makes it best alternative to Google Adsense.

Adsterra serve more than 25billion ad impressions per month which is a very big number in itself.
Their ad network are available in over 248 countries of the world.
Adsterra ad network has 50K active ad campaigns which makes this network so popular.

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Adsterra Ad network:

Advangates of Adsterra ad network
1. Dedicated account managers available to each publisher to help them at any stage.
2. There is a Wide variety of ad types available in this ad network.
3. It cover more than 240 geographic locations of the world which makes this network popular.

4. It has more than 25 billion ad impressions per month.
There are various types of payment methods available in Adsterra.
Disadvantages of Adsterra ad network:
1. Adsterra offer their ads only on custom domains, thus you must have a custom domain to show adsterra ads on your website.
2. High payout for bank transfers which is one of the drawback of this ad network.
3. CPM for display ads and videos not as competitive as per market.
4. This ad network is not good for those website which are having low organic traffic as this ad network demand high traffic websites to show ads on the websites.

Payment Details:
There are two payments every 15 days to give publishers more flexibility as this provides publisher two times revenue in a month.
Payment dates are 1-2 and 16-17 of each month to provide opportunity to their publisher to get their revenue twice in the month which is a good for those who are earning more revenue. If these dates fall on weekends or holidays, payments will be processed on nearest business day to avoid any delay on payment.
Payout options of Adsterra ad network include PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill, and ePayments to provide publishers more payment options to receive their revenue.
Adsterra ad network has minimum payout amount is $5 for Paxum, Webmoney; $100 for PayPal and Bitcoin; $1000 for Wire Transfer to provide the publisher an opportunity to get their money easily.
All payments are processed automatically and there is no need to make a request to get payments.

Adsterra ad network provides various ad formats for desktop version and mobile devices to generate more revenue:

1. Display Banners
2. Native Banners
3. Popunders
4. Webpush
5. VAST/VPAID (pre-roll)

One more interesting thing regarding Adsterra is that it offers reffereal program to give more benefits to their publishers.

Adsterra Referral program is very simple! To avail the benefits of this program just refer new publishers to Adsterra Network via personal invite link and earn 5% of their revenue to get extra revenue. The more people you refer, the more income you get and this will also helps this ad network grow more. The program provides a lifetime commission to their publisher.

Signing up for Adsterra is easy. To join adsterra ad network just follow these quick and easy steps to join Adsterra ad network and generate more revenue:

Visit this page - https://beta.publishers.adsterra.com/signup
 To start just Fill your Full Name and your Email and click Continue.
On the next page create a username and password as per your choice, fill out your messenger, pay system and a website (if you do not have it just leave that field blank) to click ok and after that a confirmation mail will be sent to your mail.
Confirm your email Congratulations! Your Adsterra account is ready! Now you are ready to add your websites and generate revenue from the best ads network.

7. Ezoic

Ezoic is a also one of the ad network which is know with publisher-focused network that offers many benefits to its publisher if worked in the prescribed manner. 


It has some analytical tools which can help you to look for more monetization potential, these tools are layout tester, ad tester, and site speed calculator. you can also check the traffic and performance of your ad units through these unique tools.

Some of pros and Cons of Ezoic ad network are:

Ezoic has unique user-friendly dashboard
It has advanced analytics and management tools to analyses the ad performance.
It has good privacy and security features to keep your website free from hackers.
Google Amp converter for mobile sites
Low payout to give publisher more flexibility.
Excellent affiliate program for getting more revenue.

website must comply with Google’s policies

Payment Details:
Net30 payment schedule
Ezoic ad network Payout options include check, direct bank deposit, wire transfers, Payoneer, and Paypal to easily transfer revenue generated by the publishers to their account without any difficulty.
Payment threshold is only $20

8. Infolinks

InfoLinks is one of the famous ad network in terms of in-text advertising platforms which offers mainly text ads. It automatically indexes your website and choose keywords which suites your website and display the ads as per your website.


InfoLinks also offers display ads for your website's sidebar and expandable ads.
The network dashboard has unique analytic tools which gives you exact information regarding traffic and ad performance.

Some of Pro and Cons of Infolinks ad network are:

It offers mainly In-text ads
Good analytic tools to manage ad performance.
Easy to integrate into a website
Infolinks ad network can be used along with AdSense

It doesn’t have as much ad variety as other network offers.
Long payout schedule which sometimes discourage publishers.

Payment Details:
45-day payout schedule
Payout options include PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, ACH bank transfer, and eCheck which is good for publisher to get their money easily.
Payment threshold is $50 for bank transfers and $100 for Western Union which gives more flexible option to the publishers.

9. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser ad is another one of the ad network which helps you to double your earning as they pays you both for conversion and clicks.

Bidvertiser also offers you with some sort of bonus and referral option through which you can also get some more revenue.

For getting approval from bidvertiser your website must have high page views.

Pays for clicks and conversions
Advertisers bid for ad space
Customization features
Referral program
Analytics tools

Rates aren’t the best in the industry.
Doesn’t always provide relevant ads to your website as it follows special mechanism to show relevant ads to all users who visits a particular website.
Must be established to benefit from bidding

Payment Details:
Net30 payment schedule
Payment options include check and PayPal
Payment threshold is $10 for PayPal and $100 for check which helps to get revenue easily without any trouble.

10. BuySell Ads
If your is having very high traffic then you can definitely opt for  BuySell Ads. This is one of the self-serve ad portal for publishers to generate more revenue on the same website as this is the best alternative. BuySell Ads need at least 100,000 page views per month to join this ad network which is one of the toughest target for newbies. It also accepts websites with only English-language with excellent High quality content and design. 


If you got approval from this ad network, then you’ll enjoy a 75% commission per click from your website.  

BuySell Ad formats include banners, text ads, native ads, RSS feed ads, email ads, and content sponsorships to provide different option to publishers and
the minimum payout is just $20 with PayPal payment option which is very good.



As we have stated in the starting of this article that you can try adsense altenative due to various reasons and can generate more revenue from your new or existing website with the best ad network available in the digital market. The best Google adsense alternative have been listed in this article and can try these as per your website.

You can ask any question through comment or through contact us form. 




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