What is On Page SEO. 7 Important Tips to rank on Search Engine Result Page SERP.

Sometimes you have got upset after writing the post but organic traffic on your website is not coming, if you have such a question in your mind, and your have searched for On-Page SEO, then you have landed at right place. Today in this post, we will talk about this On-Page SEO techniques and how to do it. 

how to do ON-PAGE SEO-techniques

So guys, read this post very carefully and you will get a lot of information and techniques on SEO. 

As this problem is faced by everyone whoever starts Blogging, and it is also important to have it, because if something bothers you, and your searched for the solution for that problem then you be become an experienced person.

What is On Page SEO?

On-page SEO (on-site SEO) is the art of optimizing web pages to improve a website’s search engine rankings on google  and improve organic traffic.

On-page SEO includes optimizing your  article's headlines, HTML tags (title, meta, and header), and images. It indicates your visitors that your website has a high level of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Google will rank your post in the first page so that traffic starts coming to your website. Just like everything has a form so that it can be easily identified, this is what we call On Page SEO, which helps Google's Crawler to read your post easily.
It does not matter how much SEO you get, but the upcoming Google update can lower the ranking of your website, and if you have written the post with full On page SEO techniques then your ranking will not be affected. 

You do not have to put too much mind, if you follow the things we have mentioned, then you will definitely start getting organic traffic coming to your website.

Why is On Page SEO important?

On-page SEO has its importance because it helps search engines to understand about your website and its content, as well as identify whether it is relevant to a searcher’s query on the internet.
 It is also very important for the growth of your website, because initially your website does not have any public and you get only one way, bring organic traffic and then start earning money slowly.

It is important to do On Page SEO, because without it, you forget that you will also be able to earn money from blogging. By doing  SEO, not only traffic increases, but also your website's Domain Authority, and Page Authority increases due to which DA and PA of your website becomes very high, then traffic starts coming on your site without doing anything. Let's do it.

Why we do On Page SEO?

By doing On-page SEO Google will index your post quickly and later start sending that post to people so that your traffic increases. This will make your Visitor very easy to read your post as your post will be shown at first position on search engine result.

There are some techniques by which you can make your On-Page SEO on your website.

1. Post Title:- 

 Everyone knows this post title, People like to click on the link which appears at first position on SERPs, in the same way there is also the title of our post which goes first in front of people during SERPs and they click on it. You can see in the image below how we keep a good title for our post.
on page seo

Targeted Keywords - It is very important to add it to your title because it helps a lot in coming to google's search list.

Effective Words - If you use effective words to make the title of the post even more SEO friendly, then you can get a lot of benefit from this, Some of effective words are Most, Important, Best, Top, Complete Guide etc. By doing this you can make a good title.

Numeric- With the help of this, you can focus the attention of people, people see the number in the title and get more intention towards the post. Like 10 ways, 5 Best Tips

Don't Repeat Keyword - If you have targeted any keyword, you can use it only once, if you do it more than once, then Google will be negative and your ranking will be down. 

For example  - "what is On-page SEO and how to do On-page SEO", here your keyword came 2 times in it which is not correct (Wrong).  Its right way is "what is On-page SEO and how to do it? (Correct)

Title Length- Title length should be adjusted in such a way that people understand the content through title and they can click on your website. 

2. Permalink:- 

Just like Title is necessary for Post, similarly Permalink is also necessary, because when someone does a search, then their searches come only when there is keyword add to permalink.
In Permalink, you also have to add your targeted keywords so that Google feels better and then it will push every post of your website. If you are on Blogger then you do not get any option to fix Permalink due to which Automatic Date is added to your Permalink and Last .html is also added, which does not look good at all, but it will not make any difference in your ranking. Do not worry that you will not rank on google if post is on Blogger.

Short- As long as possible, you should keep your permalink short, because the shorter the permalink, the more quickly Google will rank your website. 

permlink should be short


3. Meta Description:- 

Also known as Short Description, in which we have to tell a lot of words to your Visitor in full, because when anyone searches any question in Google, first of all, it shows the title and then Permalink and then Meta Description.

Now you will have to do a work on this, which you have planted your targeted keywords, in the post, add the same keywords to your title permalink and your meta description, this will help you a lot in Google Ranking. 

4. Heading and Subheading:-

So far, we are all learning about things outside the content, now from here we will learn about what we do inside the content. It is a benefit to insert Heading and Subheading, whenever you send your post to Google for index, Google first sees the Heading and Subheading inside your post,

With this it is beneficial that if you have used Proper Heading and Subheading, then Google's Crawler will index your post quickly by reading from it. 

Which will make your indexing fast and you will not take much time to get Organic Traffic. If you are in Blogger, then you will have a little problem, but if you are in WordPress, then you get plugins, with the help of which all your work becomes easy. For example, use H1, H2, H3, H4, but remember that you do not have to use H1 because it is already in your title. You do not have to add the same Keyword repeatedly in Heading.

5. Image Optimization:- 

Image is very important for your post, there should be at-least one image in your post. There are many articles posted on Google every day, but the image is a lot of work compared to the article. So you can understand that one Image works equal to 1000 Words, and Traffic also starts coming up quite well from the image. You also add your Focus keyword to your image, which will make your On Page SEO quite good.

6. External and Internal Link:-

This is also most important, because with this your Bounce Rate is under control and which is very useful due to which your website starts looking trusted in Google's eyes. 

What is External Link? :- We  will try to make you understand it in easy language, as if you have written a post and you want to tell about a website in it, then you improve your On Page by giving a link to that website. This creates a chain from which Google keeps on increasing you ranking day by day. If you give a link to another website in External Link, then your SEO will be correct. 

What is Internal Link? :- We already know that, by giving a link to the post of our own website, we can make our post on Page SEO.

This has the advantage that this reduces your Bounce Rate very much, because whenever someone finds your post and your second link is visible to him, then he starts reading by clicking on that link, then it will benefit you. 

7. User Engagement:-

By enhancing your website’s on-page SEO you have win just half the battle.
To win the complete battle, you have to be sure that users will not bounce – but instead, they’ll continue viewing your content, interacting within your website, and keep coming back for more relevant contents later on. To engaged users within your website is a great challenge in itself, but it can be achieved very easily. To increase user engagement within your website, you have to increase your website speed, user experience, and content optimization, among others.



Thus in order to rank on SERPs,  your On-page SEO should be properly done as per rules.

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