13 Easy Proven ways to increase organic traffic on website.

Organic Traffic on website, which is the dream of every blogger, So in today's post, we will discuss about how to get organic traffic on blog or website. We will try to give full information about this. 

how to get organic traffic on website or blog

As all of you know that in today's time, the Scope of Blogging has increased, everyone wants to come in this field. 

Many of you create a blog / website and then spend all time thinking about why traffic is not coming to my website or blog, even after one month of making a website, they start thinking that to get traffic on website is not easy and stopped their journey of blogging. If you are among them and wants to increase traffic on website then are are landed at right place.

We will discuss about 15 such tips with which not only organic traffic on your website increase but also makes you a Blogging Master, because the same thing works everywhere, so you read it carefully.

Here is the list of 15 Magical ways to drive organic traffic on website or blog:

#1. Create SEO Friendly Blog/Website:

If you do not know much about it, then we will tell you everything by clearing it so that you do not face any problem,

You must have read at many places or have watched in videos on youtube that what does SEO Friendly Blog mean? 

So, suppose you wrote an article and wrote it very well, but somewhere you forgot to do SEO in it, meaning that you did not do what Google likes, then all your hard work went into the water. To write SEO Friendly Blog, you have to know everything about Google, such as a Proper Theme which is properly responsive in Mobile and also in Computer / Laptop, as well as a formate of Google. All these things are known by the name of On Page SEO.

On-page SEO

 #2. Keyword Research Technique:

As you all know that before going anywhere outside , you are keeping all your belongings in good condition, so that there is no chance to miss anything, just like that you have to do before writing a article on your blog / website, You have made your article SEO friendly but now just by doing that you will get some traffic, then another thing comes in front of us, which we call Keyword Research, which means that to check which keyword is searched at many times on google.

While doing Keyword Research, you have to focus only on the competition. First of all, make a ranking of your website, which will help you to get some traffic and you will be motivated by looking at it, which will increase your Ability to do more good in blogging. 

There are some free and good tools to do Keyword Research like, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Everywhere, with the help of which you can do research for free. 

Now some bonus tips, suppose if you have searched any Queries (question) on Google, then you will see 10 results there, below that you will also see some suggested keyword, which is also searched a lot. Make one of them your Focus Keyword and then write the article on that keywords.

#3. Write Post on Visitor Demand:

Here some people make a big mistake, such as they have taken their domain on tech and they write a Shayari, food or News Post on it which they makes a big mistake because Google's crawlers  itself gets confused when they crawl that website. So write a post on any one topic and when your visitors read your posts and get some information and keep a trust on you which is very important.

Now, How will you find out what is Demand of Visitor? What do they like to read the most, For this, you have to write at least 30 posts for that first, from which you will know that the most views and comment are coming on which post and that information of the people is good.

#4. Social Media Technique:

Now it has come to know the power of social media which will help you a lot to get organic traffic on your website. So whenever you write and publish a new post on your website, first of all share it on all the social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, telegram etc as much as you can, according to your Niche, there are many Groups on Facebook which you need to join and share your articles on them. 

Suppose you have created your website and are working very hard on it, but still Google will not recognize you so it will never rank your website. but when you share your post on social media, google will start recognizing your website.

There is a link build from social media, due to which information of your website goes to google, and as a result the ranking increases and the authority of your domain also increases (DA).

#5. Guest Post Technique:

If some people do not know much about it, then it is important to explain about it too, Guest Post means that you want to publish your written article on another website.

How to get traffic from guest post? So, if you have ever visited a website and have read their post completely, then you will get a different link somewhere in their post, which will be a link to the website of a guest poster, which will get some traffic from it. This creates a chain of your website that gets connected to each other website and then after a few months you will get ranked in Google.

#6. Update "Expired/outdated" Content On Your Website:

Refreshing of content is a good thing, especially if some of your content has expired or outdated. This means you have to update your articles whenever you feel that some updates has been released or something new is available in relation to your article. You can update outdated content on your website to drive more organic and new traffic who are looking for new updates related to your article.

#7. Create A Free Online Course:

As everyone pays more attention on free things, So creating a free course related to your niche proves to be a great way to drive more organic traffic to your website. To make such free courses, you can use Udemy, Teachable or other websites which are providing such facilities. This will also build your email network and subscribers network. Free courses will attract people to visit and subscribe your website or blog as such peoples are looking for some stuffs free from your website.

#8. Create YouTube Video Tutorials:

YouTube is another sources to get free organic traffic on your website. To avail benefits from youtube, Create useful tutorials and videos that add an amount of value and be sure to link to your content through the description box of your Youtube videos to get more traffic on your website.

#9. Answer Questions on Quora:

Quora is a also one of the great medium for driving organic traffic to your website. To get benefited from this platform you have to answer some questions related to your niche on this platform and link the right keywords to anchor text on your site or blog. However, don't use this platform to spam. Ensure that your answers are detailed and that you know what you're talking about on the quora. Also remember Quora is very much strict in their policy and you have to work as per their policy to avoid blocking of your account on this platform.

#10. Focus On Mobile Usability:

One more thing which you have to be careful about your website, that is your site is mobile-friendly. Use Google's Page Insights Tool to check about your website's friendliness of your mobile layout and see if it conforms to guidelines. This will help you to improve your website speed and other related things which improves visit count.

#11. Write Irresistible Headlines:

Headline is considered to be one of the most important part of your content. Without having a compelling and eye catching headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread by the internet user. So think carefully about your headline before you publish your article on internet.

#12. Target Long-Tail Keywords:

In order to rank your article on google you have to use long-tail keywords. Targeting Long-tail keywords in your articles helps your website comes in search results.

#13. Internal Link Technique:

When creating and publishing your content, be sure to make a space for internal links. This not only helps with SEO, but also results in a better, more useful experience for the user and keeps user engagement. This will also reduces bounce rate of your website.

Frequently Asked Question on How to increase traffic on website:

How should I track traffic on my website?

Google Analytics is a platform which provides free website and web page traffic tracking. To get benefit from it just register your website with Google Analytics and you will receive a unique code to be implement on your website's source code. Put this unique code on your website html section to allow tracking. You will see website traffic in real time and for any date range to analyze your traffic and much more. Other data available includes country or origin, device type, page views, time on page, web page speed, traffic source, bounce rate, audience, browser,search type, and many more.

How long does it take for browsing data to appear in Google Analytics for visualization?

Google Analytics which is a free platform from google which provide basic real time website traffic data and other data as per your required query.  Once Google Analytics is setup you can ask for data from any date range from registration to yesterday for any type of data analysis as per your choice.

How can I know which pages of my website drive more organic or referral traffic?

  Traffic on any article can be determined using Google Analytics. The default date range is the last 7 days but you can adjust it as per your choice. The report is sorted by Page views in descending order and you can view this report as per your choice. Another column of interest is Entrances through landing page which shows the the number of visitors of this web page being the first page used by the visitor.

Which is the best and effective tool to increase website traffic fast?

The following strategies can be adopt for increasing website traffic:

1. First of all create unique content that helps visitors and which can be shared by your visitors. 

2. Update your sitemap.xml file listing all your web pages so that google crawlers can crawl them easily. 

3. Then use you social media to make your audience aware of the new content uploaded by you on your website. 

4. If your budget allows you, Use Pay Per Click advertising to gain traffic almost immediately. 

5. Create internal and external links to the new web pages so that it can be easily searchable. 

6. Monitor your progress using Google Analytics and update the contents as per reports shown in analytics. 

7. Look at the search phrases being used to reach your website and update accordingly. 

8. Expand your website visibility with more visitor desired content.

How can I find out who visited my website using Google Analytics analyses?

Google Analytics-Audiences  option show information about your website users. It can show in which country and city your users are located, which Internet Browser they are using, which Operating System they are using for viewing your website, which mobile carrier they are using to view your website, what device screen resolution they are using.

How to get traffic through google search engine?

1. Register your website with Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. 

2. Create a sitemap.xml text file listing all your web pages. 

3. Submit the sitemap.xml file to Google and Bing. 

4. Wait a few days to see how many of your web pages are Indexed by the search engines. 

5. Only indexed pages will show up in search results. 

6. Fix any issues identified by the 2 Tools.

How to update my website to rank higher in search engines?

Create better content compared to your competitors. 

1. Make your content mobile responsive so that it can easily be viewable on mobile. 

2. Add meta data to describe your web pages to the search engines. 3. Try to have a page load speed under 3 seconds which helps to load your website faster than your competitor . 

4. Work on gaining internal and external backlinks to your web pages. 

5. Create more comprehensive web page coverage of your niche compared to your competitors. 

6. Mix customer keywords, your industry keywords and your region in your content to be unique.

  How can I check the traffic on my competitor's website through free and paid method?

You can check source of organic traffic on your competitor's website through Paid tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs which creates their own database of website traffic through different resources. The result from these tools shows website traffic volumes, keyword rankings of website, keyword gap analysis on any website, backlinks list of any website, organic traffic estimation. You can check multiple websites side by side using these paid tools and analyze websites as per your requirements.

Can SEO help to increase ranking and traffic on my website?

Yes.  SEO can be improved to increase ranking and traffic. For this do the following thigs:

1. Register your website with Google and Bing. 

2. Register your website to use SSL https security. 

3. Submit your sitemap.xml showing a list of your web pages. 

4. Use English URL filenames. 

5. Fix or remove broken hyperlinks. 

6. Avoid duplicate content, titles, H1 heading and meta descriptions. 

7. Try to include longer content which ranks higher. 

8. Add ALT image descriptions to your important images. 

9. Improve your page loading speed to under 3 seconds. 

10. Shrink images for web page use based on the display size. 

11. Make your web pages mobile responsive. 

These changes improve the user experience and makes faithful relation between your website and your visitors.

What are the major benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) for a website ?

Major SEO benefits include, reduce bounce rate, pages indexed by search engines,  pages responsive for PC, tablet and mobile, better user experience, longer user time spent on website and higher sales conversion, better user engagement, visitors and sales.

How to target  a particular country-specific website traffic?

Choose the hosting which is close to your largest targeted audience country. Add hreflang tag values to your web pages for languages and your targeted country. e.g. en-us for English and United States. You can also run multiple languages web pages on your websites with alternate links between languages. e.g. English and French for Canada.

What are important key-points to increase website traffic for a startup?

1. Buy the fastest website hosting you can afford which helps to increase loading speed content speed. 

2. Look for free SSL certificate for https security. 

3. Register your domain name with Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. 

4. Setup Google Analytics and receive your unique code for traffic monitoring. 

5. Perform keyword analysis, topic research, competition research to target your audience needs. 

6. Make mobile friendly content and submit a sitemap.xml file to the search engines so that it can be easily viewable on mobile devices. 

7.  Add your website to your industry directories for more traffic. 

8. Share your new content widely to get traffic from multiple sources. 

9. Traffic will relate to quality content plus backlinks and build up over time.

How to get organic traffic by using social media?

When you post a new article on your website, Share your article on multiple social media accounts when your audience is online which will increase your web traffic as many peoples who are online will get notification related to your article. Keep updating and posting articles near to calendar events, seasonal user activities, news events etc to get more traffic. Your post with website links can be shares and liked by the social media which helps to drive traffic on your website which is considered as organic traffic.

What are the free tools which helps to track social media traffic of a website?

Buffer and Hootsuite can track social media traffic on your website for analysis purpose. Reports related to number of new followers, likes, shares and comments are available for all the social media accounts for better understanding and analysis purpose.

What is mean by bounce rate? 

Bounce rate is when a visitor only visits one web page on your site and return back or close the window. To improve bounce rate you have to engage your visitors though internal link building.

Thus bounce rate plays a vital role in website traffic as it affect ranking and domain authority, So you have to maintain bounce rate to get more traffic on your website

How to get continuous traffic to my website?

to get continuous traffic is difficult job but can be achieved through some techniques. for this you have to create a website with multiple web pages on each topic. Put internal links between web pages on the same topic to engage visitors within the website which increase user engagement and reduces bounce rate of your website. Share your content on social media to get traffic from these social media. Build backlinks within your niche from authority website which also improves your website traffic.

How to increase organic traffic on a new website within one month?

To increase organic traffic on your website you have to check that your website has up to date SSL certificate for https security which is one of the deciding fator for more traffic, also you should have registered its sitemap.xml with the search engines, your website should be mobile responsive, add view port tags to your website, add Structured Data to your website. Start sharing new articles of your website on social media to get more response from audience through social media and in  this way your website traffic increases within one month.

How to use long tail keywords for increasing organic traffic?

Long tail keyword are search phrases with 3,4,5 or more words. These long tail keywords are easier to build exact content for and have less competition in the search results. After getting some traffic through these keywords try to use short phrases.

Why is my website traffic decreasing ?

Smartphones visitors are now dominating website traffic e.g. two thirds. If your website is not mobile responsive and fully optimized  then you will lose your audience very soon.
So improves these sections and get more traffic.

Why SEO is important?

SEO is important to increase high quality and trusted users for a website as it improves user engagement and user experience.

Where do I put my SEO keywords?

As you know keyword stuffing is bad, So try to put keywords at specific places on your article so that it does not makes keyword stuffing and should not look unnaturally.

Will HTTPS affect SEO?

Yes! HTTPS is considered to be more secure form of HTTP. Look up at the URL of this website, you will see the https at the beginning of the url, and the word Secure to the left of it which gives a satisfaction to the user that you have landed on secure platform.  Google also indexes  HTTPS websites first and also recognizes HTTPS as a ranking signal over the http url as it built security trust among internet users. Changing to HTTPS of your website improves your website rankings and thus helps to get more organic traffic.

What are the importance of SEO meta tags?

There are four kinds of meta tags:
Meta Keywords Attribute – A group of words used in website describing your contents in the article.
Title Tag – The title of your website and other pages.
Meta Description  - A brief description of the article and other pages.
Meta Robots  - A signal to search engine crawlers (robots or "bots") as to what they should do with the page as per your attribution added to that.

Meta Keywords Attribute is unique, and you don't need to do anything on it.  You have to customize your  your title tag and meta description:
Your title tag and meta description let search engines know what your page is about and thus helps SERP to rank your website.  

What is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file within your website’s top-level directory that asks search engines how to crawl your pages when google crawls your website thus it helps google crawlers to rank your website on google.

Follow vs. nofollow links: What’s the difference?

A follow link carries link equity. 
A no-follow link carries no link equity.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority means website trust within the internet and its ability to rank in the search engine through which your website ranks high on google.

What is link building?

Link building is one of the SEO technique through which  you links your website's internal link with other articles and the user are compelled to be engage within the website thus increasing user engagement. Internal and external link building can help boost page authority and increase ranking on google.

Internal vs. external links: What is the difference?

Internal links are links that come from within the same domain and helps user to interact within the same website which improves user experience and reduces bounce rate. External links are links that do not come from within the same domain and redirect the user to external website.

How do I build links?

Internal link building is a means of link to on one’s own link equity though linking within own article.  For example: if you link a post in one article to another article then this is called internal link building which improves user engagement.

External link building is the process of linking your content from other websites to get positive signals from that website.

What is anchor text?

It’s the clickable text in a hyperlink mode used within the article. Anchor text should be same as the target keyword of the page to which it links to get more traffic on your website. Exact matching anchor text is more valuable than non-exact-matching anchor text, but too many exact match links can appear spammy and can negatively impact a website and thus should be used very carefully.


We hope this post showed you how to increase website  organic traffic using some cool, untapped and proven strategies.

Now,  its your turn to ask us some of questions which comes in your mind through comment section. Feel free to ask anything.

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