10 Easy ways to write High Quality Content in Blog Post to rank on Google.

What is quality content? How to write high quality content on a website?

Everyone wants to know the answer to the above question but generally get confused by reading many article or post on this question. So the answer to above question should be precise and to the point so that everyone can understand the basic thing.

In this post, we are going to talk about a topic that keeps wandering in the mind of every blogger day and night that is "How to write High quality post". Every blogger in the beginning is just thinking about this thing.
How to write high quality content in blog post
There are many new bloggers who do blogging but they do not write high quality post they don't got much traffic and because of that they get frustrated and leave blogging, but this is not their fault because they are beginner in  blogging and they do not have complete knowledge about blogging.

You cannot get traffic just by writing a post, you will have to do some smart work beside writing a post, so if you are a Blogger or a Content Writer, you should not worry so much, in today's time, coming to the first page of Google is not an easy task and it is not even a difficult task, only you have to do your work with patience.

Writing High Quality Post is very easy for you, you just have to write your post keeping in mind a few things. Which we will try our best to tell with a lot of detail in this post, 

So let's start.

Here is the list of 10 Easy and proven techniques to write High Quality Content for blog post so that it ranks on Google.

#1. Do Keyword Research before writing any article or post:

Everyone will know that before doing any work, we have to understand and research that work in a good way and plan accordingly, with the help of which we can do our work well, So now, when we are going to write a blog post for our website, it is very important to do keyword research before that, with the help of a right Keyword Research, traffic on your website can increase a lot, which  is every blogger's dream.

do keyword research

Every new blogger makes the same mistake by ignoring the Keyword Research technique and does not take full information about topics keywords. In today's time, you will find everything on the Internet, so in those people who search, we call our question the same as Keyword, and with the right Keyword Research we get to know what most people search in google. If you use the same keyword then the ranking of your website can increase significantly.

Now, the question which arises in your mind is which tool to use for Keyword Research and which is free and good, Google Keyword Planner which is absolutely free and easy to use, there are other paid tools you can use like Semrush, Href etc. If you are a New Blogger, whenever you think to do Keyword Research, then keep in mind one thing to choose a Keyword whose search volume is high but the competition should be very low because if you do not see the Competition then you will never rank because the website which is having high DA PA, if it writes something, then it comes in the first rank.

#2. Do Topic Research before starting to write on it :

Whenever you go to write a content, first of all take complete knowledge about that topic and only then you will be able to write a high quality post, because when you have more knowledge about that thing then you can explain it in an easy way. 

So now it comes in your mind that how can we find Topic, you should read at least 5 posts related to that topic on the Internet and after reading it you can write it in your style, there is no harm in it. Every blogger does the same, some people write a post with their experience, but the formate is also taken from google.

You should always try to get all the information related to your topic, try your best to give full information to your readers because if you give incomplete information, then it will be clearly visible on your website, due to which your visitors will not like your information and they will not come to your website again. When you research a good topic and write good article and due to which you will get a good ranking in google and your readers are also very happy with this and your website will become a Trusted in the eyes of Google.

 #3. Write SEO Friendly Blog Post to rank on google:

If you want to make your article a quality post then it is very important to write SEO Friendly Post, because without SEO, google will not know about your post, So try to write proper SEO post which will help to rank in Google.

SEO means the search engine optimization in which you put the techniques of SEO in your article and by this, Google's Crawler comes to know about your website and your post which helps to rank your website. 
Often, New Blogger makes this mistake and they does not make their post SEO friendly and ignores it, which creates problem in ranking their post on google.

#4. Avoid Keyword Stuffing : 

Let's know what is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is defined as stuffing something more than as require here something refer to keywords with the hopes of ranking higher for that keyword in search engines.

avoid Keyword stuffing

As we all know that it is very important to have a Keyword to rank any post, so there are many such new Bloggers who wants to target a targeted keyword in their post and they fill their targeted keyword at so much places that they get ranking for a time, but when Google comes to know that they have done keyword stuffing then the ranking of their website lowers down automatically.

If you also do Keyword Stuffing, then you should close it as soon as possible, because of this, your post can never become quality content and Google also does not like keyword stuffing. Google can also apply Penalty to your website and lowers down your website's ranking.

You should use your keywords as little as possible,

#5. Use Images in your Content:

Image which plays a very big role, you all will know that an image is equal to 1000 words and this makes the look of your post very good, in a post you have to use at least one image to make its look more impressive. Those who are new bloggers think that what happens with an image on a blog post, let us explain you that how many posts are written on the Internet in a day, Google does not understand every post but if you use the image So your chances of being ranked increases greatly because there is a lack of image on Google.

If you copy the image for your website from somewhere, then stop doing that from now,  because when your site gets ranked completely, Google always keeps an eye on your website through its crawlers and bots, due to which the risk of getting Penalty on your website increases if you uses copy righted images or content on your websites. So, if you want to create free images that are completely copyright free then you can use Canva.Com and if you want to create from your mobile then you can use Picsart to create a good image which will makes your blog post more attractive and valuable.

#6. Use Videos in your post to get more organic traffic:

If you are writing a post on such a topic which is also available on your Youtube channel as a video, then you can add a link of that video on your site, this increases the quality of your site very much as video plays more role than text. If you make videos on youtube along with Article, then you can also take a lot of traffic from here on your channel, this will benefit both in you website  and youtube channel.

Putting videos in the post has the advantage that whenever someone does some search on google related to you article, the result of the videos comes first, if you have a channel, then you will get a good traffic.

#7. Do On Page SEO to get ranked on google fast and increase domain authority:

If you want to write high quality content for your blog or website, then it is very important to do On Page SEO. You cannot get ranking without doing anything related to seo. 

If you do not do On Page SEO properly then you do not get ranking, in this you have to use your targeted keyword in the right place, which makes it very easy for Google to understand your blog post, and then your post will rank on google and your domain authority increases.

On page SEO

On-page SEO includes various items:

  • URL slugs

  • Focus keywords

  • Post titles

  • Meta descriptions

  • Image alt tags

  • Headings

  • Inbound and outbound links

#8. Use Long Tail Keyword to be on google's first page:

Long tail keyword is also a keyword, it has three or more words. Like there are some terms that the user searches simultaneously so that all words behave like Keyword. Example - High-Quality Post Whenever you have to search for anything related to good post, these three words will come together.

#9. Choose Catchy Heading to get more organic traffic: 

Catchy Heading is required after Topic Selection. The better the blog post title you write, the more are the chances of clicks. Heading should be such that Eye Catching Power. On seeing the User Heading, you will be forced to click on the Post Link.

#10. Use Less Competition Topic to get more traffic:  

Using Less Competition Topic will make Blog rank in Google SERP quickly. In High Competition Keyword, your competition starts with Blogger and Company of Top Level. 

Frequently Asked Question On How to write High Quality Content in Blog Post to rank on Google.

1. What is the best way to get free traffic on website or blog?

Ans: There are a few techniques to drive traffic on website without any cost. You can start by:
Building some free links to blogs and sites related to your website's niche. submit your websites link on the forum related to your website niche.
Develop a Pinterest account and drive traffic through Pinterest. Pinterest is a free search engine for images which gives you a chance to get heavy traffic with less effort.

Share your links on social media like facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter etc.

2. How can I check my website traffic for analysis?

Ans:   Google Console for webmasters

           Google Analytics

These tools are free and very easy to install and use and will provide you with a vast amount of information including site traffic, links to your site, user behavior etc.

3. How long blog posts should I write to get ranked on google?

There are not exact rules but it is recommend always to aim for 1000 to 1500 words. This amount of content will give search engines a clear idea about the purpose and theme of that post, and the emphasis should also be on quality and not on the quantity because "Content is King".

4. What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) how it helps to rank on google?

Ans: SEO means the search engine optimization in which you put the techniques of SEO in your article and by this, Google's Crawler comes to know about your website and your post which helps to rank your website.  Thus SEO helps to rank on google.

 5. How can I promote each blog post?

Ans: In addition to SEO, there are plenty of things you can do to maximize engagement with your blog posts. Promotion is critical to your blogging success.

6. How can I engage and grow my blog community?

Ans: On the one hand, this might be considered an advanced blogging technique, but we think that it should be part of your strategy from day one. Use social media, statistics, and data as resources to improve your blog community which ultimately help to drive more traffic on your website.

7. How often should I update my blog post?

Ans: In blogging, posting on a regular basis is of high priority. As recommended you should post at least two article per week.

Conclusion :

Writing High Quality Content means content that is useful for both the user and the search engine. Follow the things mentioned in this post, you will get good result. Some bloggers are engaged in publishing more and more content, it is a good thing to publish more and more content, but just publishing content will do nothing. Only publish 8 content in a month but it should have quality.

This post will be very helpful in boosting your blog. You can reach us through this Confusion, Question and Suggestion Comment Box related to this post.

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