What is new in the New Blogger Interface 2022. Here is the details.

As the Google continuously improves its services in every sphere of internet world to provide its user a better experience. When it comes to blogger platform Google also tries to provide better services and better tools to the users who uses blogger as a blogging platform.

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Recently Google has announced new blogging platform and suggest its blogger user to switches over to new blogger interface 2020. In this article we will discuss all about new blogger interface 2020. So lets start without wasting any time about Blogging Interface.

Google is working to provide up-to date tools and themes to their user using blogger platform and keep on changing and updating their interface. These changes adds up the ways you express, write, and publish your content through blogging platform.

There are millions of users who are using blogger
all over the world and if you are among the millions of those users then you must have seen a message that looks just as the image below.

Alert Message about New Blogger Interface

Alert message about new blogger interface

This message is only an alert to blogger users with a notification that tells  blogger has updated the new interface why the new blogger interface will become the default for all users. You can switch over between old and new interface at any time.

On the other hand, the legacy interface still is optionally available as Google wants to ensure you have a new look and a better experience on the web when you are expressing yourself on the internet through blogger.

new  blogger interface

Blogger recommend you to try the new interface by clicking the "Try the New Blogger" in the left-hand navigation option.

Try new blogger interface

As per Google and in addition to the fresh look through new update, the blogger is now responsive on the web, making it easier to use on mobile devices. 

The new blogger interface?

As the Google has introduced some fresh pages and tools that work well on mobile that helps improve the overall experience on the web.

mobile friendly blogger interface

Lets see each new feature in the new blogger interface step by step:

How to create a new post in the New Blogger Interface 2020:

If you are trying to create a new post on the new blogger interface, you will see new options which were not available in the legacy interface. 
create new post in new blogger interface

You can see there is a big change in the new blogger interface as many may wonder why the HTML tag isn't included anymore.

The tricky thing in this new blogger interface is that the HTML tag is included but it happens that it came with a new design look to give you feel like a professional.

If you navigate just to the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard of new blogger interface you'll see something that appears. It shows everything really has a fresh feel with new features on the go to use this new interface and have new look.

Posts Interface in new blogger interface:

When you look at the new blogger interface with the old blogger post interface available on the blogger dashboard, you can see there is a more changes in the way things are now arranged in this new dashboard. 
posts overview in new blogger interface 2020

As the new design available in the new blogger interface helps you focus more on the most important features like comment, labels, and many more features of this new blogger interface.

Statistics overview on a go in new blogger interface:

Statistics overview on a go in new blogger interface

Followers - The number of people following your blog are shown at a glance.
Posts - The numbers of published posts
Comments - How many users have comments on your blog article and user interaction.
All-time - Your overall traffic statistics
Today - The number of users who recently view your website commented on it
Yesterday - The number of users who view your blog yesterday
This month - your overall traffic this month
Last month - your overall traffic last month

Under the stats overview, you will see your latest posts and other trackable metrics to get updates on a go.

Comments section in new blogger interface 2020:

comment section in new blogger interface

The comment section is updated and enhance in a new way to connect with your readers and build a better relationship with them in the new blogger interface.

In addition, it also provides the area that needs more of your attention like manually remove content from the comment section, mark the comment as spam or delete the entire comment.

Settings tab in new blogger interface:

The setting tab available in the dashboard comes in all in one experience in a way you can stream and manage all your directories at one place and analyze the data as per results.

Links section in blogger new interface:

links section in blogger new interface

The link section available in the new blogger interface has a new feature that's partition into two formats:

Create and edit a new URL
Create and edit anchor

If you're an SEO expert then you will know why it's so important using anchor text in your article as it has an impact on ranking in SERP.


As the Google Blogger is updating its feature to give their user a fresh look,  So one should use new blogger interface and feel the change.

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