Search Engine optimization (SEO). Types of SEO and steps to implement it on website to improve website ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and types of SEO.

Getting rank #1 on search engine result page (SERP) is a dream of every website owner. There are Billions of websites operating in the world with the similar contents but most of the internet users visits only first 10 results on search engine. 

SEO andTypes of SEO technique


So the question in everyone's mind is that How can we get our website at number 1 position on SERP? The answer to this question Lies in the Term SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Here in this Article we will discuss what is SEO and what are different types of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a techniques used by the web developers to increase the visibility of a new or existing website in search engine’s result page (SERP).

SEO also sometimes known as the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic  of any website through organic search engine results.

What is the need of SEO and why we use it?

SEO basically helps any new or existing website to rank better in the search engine result page. A websites having better ranking gets more organic traffic without spending any money. This will ultimately creates the opportunity of better exposure and more revenue.


As we are discussing many times about search engines. Search Engine Optimization for any website basically depends on the search engines. So it is important to know about search engines.

Search engines are basically software’s specially designed to search the information on the World Wide Web when someone type anything and hit search button.

Examples of some of the popular Search engines which are available in the world:
Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Ask, WOW, WebCrawler, MyWebSearch, Info, Dogpile, DuckDuckGo, Blekko, and Contenko etc.

Google is the considered as top search engine from the above.


The Search Engine has two major functions

 Crawling and indexing, and providing relevant result.

The search engines uses programs known as crawlers or spiders to read the source code of the any new or existing website and store this data on their local servers. 

This technique of reading source code and storing them is called crawling of a website.
After this step of reading and storing , Indexer takes the data from the local server of crawlers and arranges them in categories like hotels, tutorial data, cinema halls, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc. This indexed data is stored in main database which will be displayed on the search page.

The Rank algorithm is a specially designed program that ranks the website according the website data and quality of data. So, when any user types a query in search bar of any browser, the search engine matches those keywords in their database and display the websites containing the keywords according to the rank assigned by the Rank Algorithm program.


Search Engine Optimization is divided into three types.

1) White Hat SEO

2) Black Hat SEO

3) Grey Hat SEO 


White-hat SEO is the steps of optimization which abides by Google’s search engine guidelines.  This technique is also known as ethical technique as there is no risk of getting banned of website by search engine. 

white hat SEO technique


As this is ethical and one of the suggested SEO technique but you have to keep patience to get good results.

To conclude this, white-hat SEO is low-risk and high rewards if you do it right way. Websites using White Hat SEO gets slow, steady, gradual and long lasting effect on their brands. The techniques used are On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. 

On-Page SEO Technique:

On-Page SEO includes all the steps you take to make your web page rank higher on search engines. On-Page SEO includes writing high-quality content with the main purpose  providing helpful materials to your website visitors.

Adding meta tags in your web pages to help Google bots better understand contents in your website.

By using HTML tags to highlight headings and other content elements and also ensuring that there are no broken links or duplicate content in your websites. 

By using Image enhancement to provide descripting information of your website through images.

 Off-Page SEO technique:

Off-page SEO is the process of doing anything outside your website to get better result and rank higher up in Google’s SERPs. It includes building links from trusted websites in the same niche as your website, 

By using social media marketing and commenting on forum and giving reviews on such forum etc. 


As the Name suggest, Black-hat SEO is the reverse technique of white-hat SEO. In this technique it finds and takes advantage of any loopholes or weaknesses in Google’s search algorithm to rank better on its SERPs. 

black hat SEO technique


This technique does not bothered about the search engine’s list of SEO dos and don’ts. It uses spammy or paid link building methods, keyword stuffing, showing different content to bots/crawlers and humans (called cloaking), etc. to rank any website and get more visitors. 

This is also called as Unethical SEO technique.

Remember this technique give you fast result in a short interval of time but there is more chances of your website get banned by the Search engines.


Grey-hat SEO technique is the mixture of white hat seo and black hat seo.

grey hat SEO technique


Although Google’s webmaster guidelines as neutral about these techniques and does not clearly says these techniques are prohibited or not. But you should also avoid these types of techniques.

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