What are Labels, Tags and Categories in Blogging. How to implement them step by step.

As you all know how this digital world is growing day by day and the number of bloggers are increasing with great speed. The need to become best blogger is increasing day by day. Today we will discuss some points which adds booster to your journey towards this. 

Learn all about Labels,Tags and Categories in Blogging and How to implement them step by step in 2020., letsupdate, bloggers help

Everyone wants to be a good blogger and writes on various topics on daily basis but still they found their website's place in the beyond 1st page of search result.

Do you know why this happens to your website or blog ?

The answer to this, matters a lot to all bloggers. Ranking on search result is a matter of concern and requires various techniques and experiments including web Hosting, SEO, Keyword selection, niche selection,unique content, backlinks, and many more but today we are not going to discuss these option. Today's article is totally different from these techniques.

Still confused what is this article about?

Yes we are talking about Labels, Tags and Categories in blogging.
                     These are as similar as Shopping Showroom where we go for shopping something and all the items are displayed on shelves and on some tables in a categorized manner and each items are well labelled by differentiating each other. Also all these items are tagged with their descriptions stating their price size and used for etc. 

Anyone after seeing these arrangement in showroom feels happy and freely to select the item he wants.

Now suppose the same is not arranged in a systematic way then what will happens and what you will feel.
It is clear that you will not feel easy and unable to select your required product and come out of the showroom quickly without purchasing anything. 
Thus the motive of showroom fails to achieve its goal. 

Same will happens to your website or blog if things are not arranged in systematic way inside your website or blog.
We think you understand the motive of Labels, Tags and categories on blogging. 
So lets understand these and implement each step by step.
but before going further hope you have learned step by step procedure to start a blog in 2020, a Path to make money online.

Now Letsupdate each and every term in details and try to understand their meaning and implementations step by step.

LABELS: Labels are something attached to an object which gives some information about that object. thus labels are attached to each post when going to publish on website or blog.
labels, tags,categories, letsupdate, learn about labels tags categories,bloggers help

TAGS: Tags are something similar to labels but provide some special and specific information about those labels.

CATEGORIES: Categories comes from labels these are arrange in such a way to define labels of similar nature for example someone writes about JOB opening then label is job opening and further classification is upsc jobs, ssc jobs, banking jobs etc. comes under categories

There is common confusion that labels, categories or tags helps SEO:

Labels, Tags and Categories do not impact SEO at all. They are only to organise your content systematically and help  your readers find posts they wants to read. Remember that the label in the URL needs to be spelled exactly the same way as you have typed it into the labels section of you post and it is case sensitive.
Categories, tags and labels are used to sort your content available on your website as per your article. Labels are relevant only for visitors to navigate within the website and not for search engines as it only relevant to visitors . With the help of labels your visitors can easily pick the right topic that they are interested in and read that topic and move to next topic.

How many labels in blogger are too much?

As the label are important for any websites or blog so this question actually depends upon your blog topics and will helps you to make labels as per your website's topic. You can have as many labels you want for your site, but you should focus on these points:
  • Separate your content with not more than three labels
  • Your website should not have a label with no posts in it.
To help your user to easily navigate within the your website and  improve user experience and user engagement you can show your labels in both menu tabs and in sidebar. Show labels in sidebars that has fewer topics in it.

Does Labels, Tags and categories help in search engine optimization ?

As already mentioned above labels are only for your readers and not for search engines. So use labels to highlight content and never spam your keywords within the labels. 

Lets start adding labels in your in Blogger  step by step.

In order to add labels in your websites sidebar login to your Blogger  and open blogger dashboard.
click on the new post option to write new post, the image below shows this step

labels, tags, categories, implementation, new posts

After writing your post select the option on the right hand side of the window which shows label option, you can define your label in this section means you have to decide in which label you want to put your post. You can add more than one label here and when you have completed this just click on done option at bottom.

labels, tags, categories, image showing bloggers help for new comers

Now after adding labels here , its time to show these on your user interface. For this click on layout option of your blogger's main dashboard and click on add widget option.
A new window will pop up showing different widgets and select label option and add it to your layout dashboard.

adding labels in layout of bloggers, option to add labels, letsupdate

A new widget with name as label is added in your layout window and arrange this widgets and place wherever you wants. 
Similarly create two more widgets as mentioned above but only change the name from labels to categories and Tags and select the labels you want to put in these two options.

adding labels in layout of bloggers, option to add labels, letsupdate, tags implementation

 Thus you have done creating your labels, tags and Categories in your blog or website in this article 

Hope this article helped you to understand labels, Tags and categories and how to use them in Blogger. 

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