Special Assistance Scheme for Covid Mortalities (SASCM) launched in J&K .

Special Assistance Scheme for Covid Mortalities (SASCM) was launched in J&K to provide financial assistance to families which have lost their only bread earner in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Special Assistance Scheme for Covid Mortalities (SASCM)


The main components of the SASCM Schemes are:

1. Cash assistance of Rs 1000 per month shall be provided to spouse and the eldest member of the family.

2. The J&K Government has created a Special Cell in the Social Welfare Department to identify and track support to these families over time to ensure no one is left behind.

3. Under the SASCM scheme scholarship of Rs 20,000 per annum for school-going students and Rs 40,000 per annum for college-going students will also be provided.

4. A family in distress shall be eligible for a scholarship for two children if they are not getting any other scholarship

5. The Special Cell in Social Welfare Department, he said, shall also explore further assistance under other existing schemes of the government for which the family may be eligible.

6. An important element of support shall be financial assistance for self-employment for any of the surviving member, who wishes to start any business for livelihood support.

7. J&K Government administration has taken prompt and decisive action to support the elderly, women, and children.

Main Objective of the SASCM Scheme.

The main objectives and aim of SASCM Scheme is to provide Financial Assistance to the families affected during Covid-19 Pandemic.

1. To provide Rs 1000/ month cash assistance to spouse, eldest member of affected family.

2. To Provide scholarship of Rs 20,000 per annum for school going students.

3. To provide scholarship of Rs 40,000 per annum for college going students.

4. To provide Scholarship for 2 children if the family is not getting any other scholarship.

What is the full form of SASCM scheme? 

The full form of SASCM scheme is Special Assistance Scheme for Covid Mortalities. It is also referred as सक्षम and is the part of government’s endeavour to ensure necessary support to families in their moment of crisis.

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