The common legal words which are frequently used by every lawyer in legal drafting and their meaning are very helpful for common people to understand the real meaning of the legal drafting or legal document. Here we are showing few such words with their meaning.

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Did you know these words which are frequently used in legal language and legal drafting?

Here is te list of those legal words:

  1. Dreadful:  involving great suffering.
  2. Enigma:  Mysterious or difficult to understand.
  3. Sceptical:  Doubtful.
  4. Sardonic:  grimly mocking or cynical.
  5. Habeas corpus:  a prerogative writ to a person who detains another in custody and which commands him to produce or ‘ have the body of that person before him ‘
  6. Mesne:  middle, intervening or tame by nature.
  7. Per se:  by itself
  8. Nocumentum:  an annoying , unpleasant or obnoxious thing or ptactice.
  9. Non obstante:  notwithstanding
  10. Prima facie:  on the face of it.
  11. Aequitas:  Equity i.e fair or just according to natural law.
  12. Bona fide:  in good faith.
  13. Expedient:  To Prioritize , to rush 
  14. Cavil: Argument by which a conclusion evidently false , is drawn from a principle evidently true. 
  15. Elusive:  Difficult to find , catch or achieve. 
  16. Scuffle:  a short , confused fight or struggle at close quarters. 
  17. Credential:  a qualification, achievement , quality, or aspect of a person ‘s background , especially when used to indicate their suitability for something. 
  18. Oblivious:  Aware. 
  19. Accustomed: Customary ; usual. 
  20. Treacherous: Guilty of or involving betrayal. 
  21. Erudite: Learned. 
  22. Accentuating: More noticeable. 
  23. Crescendo: Progressive increase in intensity. 
  24. Tedious: Too long , slow or dull. 
  25. Certiorari:  a writ of a superior court calling forth the records and entire proceedings of an inferior court or a writ by which causes are removed from an inferior court into a superior court.
  26. Obiter dictum:  an incidental and collateral opinion uttered by a judge while delivering a judgement and which is not binding.
  27. Pari material: on the same material.
  28. Pendente lite: during the process of litigation.
  29. Supra:  above.
  30. Status quo:  the state in which the things are , or were.
  31. Volkogeist : general awareness of the people.
  32. Res judicata:  a case or suit already decided.
  33. RE:  in the matter of.
  34. Ratio Legis:  according to spirit of law
  35. Scienter:  knowledge ; an allegation in a pleading that the thing has been done knowingly.
  36. Ex gratia: as an act of grace or favour.
  37. In rem:  an act , proceeding or right available against the world at large, as opposed to in personam.
  38. Noscitur a socits:  a word known by its associates , i.e the meaning of a word cab be gathered from the context. 
  39. Res sub judicata:  a matter under judicial consideration.
  40. Ad hoc: created or done for a particular purpose as necessary.

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